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Emerald Stone and Pendant


  • There is no direct purchase thru the website, the objective is to give you an idea of what we may have in stock to "know before you go"

  • Legacy designs (sold in the past) are also visible, unless you sort by "In Stock".  These may provide inspiration for a custom piece just for you. Please contact us with the item numbers of pieces you like. We can work together to choose the emeralds, and with our expert jewelers we can create your ideal piece.  Keep in mind this may take some extra time.

  • Our inventory items consist of original Colombian emeralds set in 18K gold.  Each item description  lists the  components by weight. (For emeralds set in silver you will need to visit our shop in Cartagena.)

  • Prices shown are LIST and meant as a guide, and your specific price may vary depending on discounts, Taxes, etc. Read about our policy on pricing for more information.


This is a bit more complicated that what you are accustomed to with your online shopping. Please read the FAQ for more information on how we handle this.

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