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If you are coming to Cartagena on a cruise ship in the next few months, let me know. You might also want to take a look at the Map. Before you leave for the cruise make sure that you print out your copy of the Preferred Customer Coupon. You might also read through the information on private tours. On the sister site of Destination Cartagena there is much more general information about Cartagena. Please take a look at the following video how to get a taxi from the cruise terminal to Mister Emerald.

*Thanks to Trey Crittenden for this helpful video and description.

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If you are coming by land or air, or are already in town on a visit, please contact us for an appointment. We can meet at the shop or we can arrange for transportation from your hotel. If you wish to contact us ahead of time, feel free to reach out.
The following videos show you how to get from two iconic places of the city, San Pedro Plaza and the Clock Tower to Mister Emerald, Both of them are less than a 4-minute walk.


*Thanks to Trey Crittenden for this helpful video and description.

*Thanks to Trey Crittenden for this helpful video and description.

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If you want to purchase loose emeralds or jewelry directly, please get in touch. We can work back and forth by email or messanging to create a custom piece of jewelry for you that exactly fits your tastes and budget.

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Custom Emerald Jewelry


The best piece of jewery is one that makes you shine.  It may not be exactly what we have in inventory. Even if you can not visit our shop, we can work together to create a customized design that is right for you. You can start by looking at our Inventory, which includes our legacy designs for your inspiration,  along with our FAQ so you know what to expect. Reach out to us with the item# and a description of your own ideas, in order to start the journey toward your personal gem. 

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